About Us

I love wine.

I am enthusiastic not an expert, but I know what I like. As an Aussie who settled in to Switzerland 10 years ago I often found myself searching out a taste of home but was constantly disappointed in the what i found. Sure you can buy Aussie wine here and some of it is great, however it almost exclusively comes from huge global producers and tailored for the mass markets that apparently only want that great big bold fruity Shiraz.

Something needed to change. Enter stage left, my good friend Warren.

Warren & I studied at university together in Melbourne and while my career went the way of agriculture & technology, Warren become adept in all things vino. From studying it, to selling it to making it, he even spent time as a Michelin starred sommelier in London, Warren is what you call an expert. But even better for you and me, has a penchant for seeking out intriguing independent producers.

Every Christmas for years for his friends & family Warren would tailor a mixed box of the of amazing wine he discovered that year. While sitting down over a particularly scrumptious Cabernet from the Grampions (in Victoria) one night we decided we should do something similar for you, our friends in Switzerland, so VinoRoo was born…

VinoRoo is a passion project. We are small, we will stay small, we started VinoRoo not to make our fortunes nor take over the world but to work with wonderful independent wine producers in Australia and share their love and labour with our friends in Switzerland.

And undoubtedly to get into a few interesting discussions on the merits of the screw top 🙂

Look forward to sharing a glass soon


Kristian Doolan, Founder VinoRoo

Yens, Vaud, Switzerland